Alice Casey is the Author of Mangoes for Mei Fong (a supernatural comedy) and Wanderlust for Beginners (an urban fantasy). She has a nice partner, two dogs and two cats, and a landlady who is having health problems. She teaches all day, and some nights her words are so all used up, it’s a wonder that writing happens at all. But it does.

My Novels

My two novels are on Smashwords, and Wanderlust for Beginners is now available in hard copy from The Women’s Bookshop in Auckland.

Mangoes for Mei Fong is a story about the friends and family of an adorable butch lesbian in Taiwan who face struggles when it comes time to organise a funeral according to Mei Fong’s wishes.


Wanderlust for Beginners: Eerin Kate has three chromosomes, four loving but complicated parents and an owl. When she gets her first period and starts seeing ghosts, everyone’s got their own angle. But when Eerin finds her first ghost has dragged her into a local murder mystery, and she finds herself involved in a rather dangerous child abuse case, it involves the whole family.

wanderlust screenshot


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